Ode to My Brother

Bless you, my brother,
My kind, crazy, messy brother.
Who shoots me with Nerf darts,
And loves me on my bad days.

You draw me pictures,
And take my picture for my blog.
You do the dishes with me,
And we enjoy every minute.

You finish movie quotes with me,
And we sing and dance for all we're worth.
You always win in Monopoly,
But I'm okay with that now. :)

Even if we're far apart one day,
I'll always love you,
Always think of you,
Always wish you were here with me.

You're my partner in crime.
You're my best friend.
You're my workout buddy.
You're my brother.

I'll remind you to open the door for girls.
I'll remind you to keep your room tidy.
You'll remind me to laugh and not care about what people think.
You'll remind me to be your sister.

Bless you, my brother,
My kind, crazy, messy brother.
For there won't be a moment,
When I am not here for you.


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