Operation: God Save the Pom Poms

     When it's cold outside (and I mean REALLY cold), I get creative instead of walking or going for a bike ride. Today's project took me out of my creative sphere box. (Yes, even creativity can be a box.)

     Remember all these pom-poms I made and put in the apothecary jar when we were living at the duplex? Read about them here.

     Well, they've been sitting in a box under my bed for too long. Thinking about and creating margin recently had gotten me all I-need-less-stuff-right-now-or-my-head-is-going-to-explode-and-I-like-my-head.

     Enter Operation God Save the Pom Poms.

     Three Steps:
  1. Grab sad, unused pom poms.
  2. String said pom poms on yarn with the biggest-headed needle you have.
  3. Hang on mantle, wall, bulletin board, or other desolate place.
     And you too can make something beautiful from bits of string. (If you want to see how I made my pom poms, click here.)


1 comment:

  1. I see what you did...ROYGBP. of course, the green ones are my favorite! :)


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