~ Floral Hats ~

     If you're a subscriber, you may have noticed this snazzy floral hat in my latest newsletter. (If you're not a subscriber, you can fix that here.)

     One of you asked about it, and I know plenty of stylish people who would tots magotes wear this. In fact, you can buy it here: Profound Co. Postland Rose Five Panel Floral Hat

     And the part that always comes back to bite: the price tag! This hat is $42!

     Which is why I found a less expensive option. You're welcome. (And while I was searching for it, I found this floral beanie.)

     JK. I didn't find a less expensive or better version. The hat at the top of this post (the top hat, get it?) is the main floral hat (that's that style and actually cute) on the market.

     But, I dunno. That beanie is probably the way I'd go. What do you think? Are hats your thing? They aren't for me...unless maybe they're floral or summery.

    More spring fashion here:
     July update: I found a floral cap for $25. Check it out here: ~ Best Buds Floral @ Zumiez ~


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