My Summer Reading List (As of Mid-July)

     Hello, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed last week's mini-series "The Book Club." If you comment enthusiastically on this post, I will continue book-ish things. Literature is something I've always been into, but I happen to really be enjoying and exploring it this summer.

     Since taking the above picture, I've finished Bittersweet and The Secret Life of Bees. But for every one book I cross off my list, I seem to add five more! Do you feel me? This picture is by no means an exhaustive list. It is simply the rest of the fifty books I wanted to read this year.

     Yep. You heard me. I only have thirteen-ish books left of the fifty I wanted to read for PopSugar's 50 Books Challenge. See more about it here.

     So...where are you in you summer reading? Do you have lovely literary worlds to share with me?


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