Sweet Sixteen Dinner and Dessert

     On June 12th I had a lovely dinner with a handful of ladies who have mentored me over the years. Some inspired me to start this blog. Some helped me along the way. Some were youth group coaches. Some I've watched and learned from. All encouraged me in my walk with Christ. All have been my friends. That was what I chose for my sixteenth birthday, and it played out wonderfully well.

     Theme: No theme (Yes, it's okay to have a party without a theme, ladies! It can sometimes even make it more sophisticated.)
     Colors: Blush pink, gold, and silver
     Recurring things: tassel garlands (on invitation and décor), sparkles (glitter, confetti, and macarons)


     The Inspiration:


     The Invitation: We used Paperless Post again (like we did at my fourteenth.) It was simple and elegant. We had already checked with all five ladies to make sure they could come, so it was more of a reminder than an invitation.

     Tip: Keep the theme colors rolling by asking guests to wear similar colors. (That way the mood isn't thrown off by someone's red pants and cheetah scarf.)

     Paperless Post is a great online option for pretty invitations.

     The Table: We kept all of our décor centered around the table and dining room. It was all blush, gold, and silver, with plenty of white to keep it from being theme-y.

     Notice we added the greenery and lit the candles just before the party and before the following pictures.



     The Dessert Table: Complete with a tassel garland, clear balloon filled with sequins, glasses for fizzy drinks, and a cake stand for macarons, the dessert table was a fun place for extra pow!

(picture taken before the macarons and balloon were in their stations)


(what's a party without a garland?)


     The Feathers: The story behind the feathers is this...ok. There's actually no story to them. I just thought they looked cool on Pinterest. They were a super easy DIY--no joke. And I'm pretty sure my future children will look up from their crib at glittery feathers. Ahem.

~Fine glitter
~White feathers
~Sponge brush
~Fishing line ~clean~
~Paper plate

1. Apply glue (with sponge brush) on both sides of the tips of the feathers (or however high you want the glitter to go). Go with the grain on the feathers...so as not to ruffle them. :)

2. Sprinkle glitter on both sides. Shake off excess onto the paper plate.

3. Use the yardstick and scissors to cut a generous piece of fishing line. I think we did three feet and trimmed excess later.

4. Tie the fishing line to the "stem" of the feather. You may need to trim excess "fluff" so you have enough stem to tie the line to.

5. After double-knotting, loosely tie the other end of the fishing line to the hanger to dry. We let ours dry overnight.

     Nothing to it!


Menu: After a light salad, we ate grilled chicken, asparagus, potato casserole, and our homemade rolls. For dessert, we enjoyed macarons from the local macaron guy, Jo the Baker, and The Nester's Fizzy Drinks.


     What we did: After admiring the décor, everyone sat down to dinner. I served them the salad and main course. Mom served dessert. We talked, told stories, and then I made a speech. This inspired them to make their own speeches as I opened each of their gifts. We laughed so hard and cried many tears, but it was a very sweet (pun!) evening.


     Thank-you cards: I stuck a glittery feather in with each of these cards.
     Attire: We requested everyone wear the theme colors, and that in itself was an adventure. The morning of the party, Mom and I whisked ourselves away to a mani/pedi that a friend had given us for Mother's Day.
     My outfit went womp womp, but I was able to wear blush shorts and a lacy white blouse.


The Expenses: We always try to keep things inexpensive as well as special. Here's what we spent:

Invitations - $6
Thank You Notes - $16
Place Cards - $7
Calligraphy - $0
Decoration (confetti wands) - $39
Decoration (clear balloon) - $8
Decoration (helium) - $9
Decoration (tassel garland) - $58
Decoration (sequins) - $3
Decoration (tablecloth) - $18
Decoration (napkins) - $25
Decoration (straws) - $14
Decoration (feathers & glitter) - $4
Decoration (greenery) - $5
Food (salad, asparagus, grilled chicken, cheesy potato casserole) - caterer friend
Food (Macarons)  - $45
Food (Fizzy Drinks) - $12

 $269 TOTAL

     Hope you enjoyed this long long long but full and glorious post! I'm proud to sing "I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen."


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