Reality Check

     It hit me so fast, this reality check. When it's someone I met and saw and heard, everything is different. It's a jolt. It's a shock.

     You weren't close with them, but some of your friends were. But it could have been you. It could have been your friend.

     Isn't this what we do? We put ourselves in their shoes. And a reality slams us in the face: we never know when a moment may be our last.

     Every day is a gift. Don't get so caught up is business or monotony or the days themselves that you forget that.

     When someone young dies, there is heartbreak and shock. But more than anything, there is prayer. Prayer vigils. Silent prayers whispered through tears. Prayers of desperation yelled at God. Prayers for the family and friends. Prayers for comfort in a difficult time.

     And so, for now, we pray. And that is what will get us through any difficult time.



  1. Every day is truly a gift. And God is always good. Thank you for reminding us of the power of prayer! Romans 8:28


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