Debunking the Most Common Myth About Introverts

Note: I am also an ENFJ.

     What is the most common myth about introverts?

     You must start with your own perception of the word. I've described extroverts as "outgoing" my entire life. I've often described introverts as "shy."

     But recently I've discovered introverts are so much more. I use up five minutes of a conversation talking about how introverts just love to regroup by themselves. They don't get energy from other people. They get energy from alone time. And people can wear them out.

     I used to think I was an extrovert. Then I thought I was an introverted extrovert. My perceptions about both terms have definitely come a long way from the simple descriptions of "outgoing" and "shy."

     I am an introvert. But I am not shy.

     I love people, in fact. I communicate well. I am friendly and talk to the new girl. I even enjoy parties and social events--to an extent.

     That's the "introvert wall," if you will. My pleasure stops suddenly, and I have to hide for a few minutes of introverting. The people get overwhelming. I am suddenly extremely tired and realize I just needed a few minutes of quiet. A few minutes of peace. A few minutes to read or think deep thoughts or even cry.

     When I'm alone, I can release my mind and emotions more freely than when I am with people. I can just unwind. Once I've spent some time alone, I get up my courage and surge back into the world of people and endless chatter.

     I am not shy. But I am an introvert.

     What have you found to be true about extroverts or introverts?


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