Fridays in Minion Gifs

     At your request, I have another minions post. :) These gifs are just too relatable.
     My point in this post is that by Friday, we are all minions.
     First thing in the morning, we're all: "It's FRIDAY!!!!" And we sorta flip out:
     But by about 9 am, our drive is gone. All day we find ourselves distracted by the most random things. We are so ready to call it a day and head home from work or school.
     Even bananas are more interesting than whatever we're doing:

     Or maybe your friend or coworker is the one with the banana, and you're just being jealous in the background. Look at his adorable face!
     Eventually, 3:30 and 5 roll around and you go home with big plans. You're going to watch a movie or have a few friends over to hang out, right?
     But we all know you're just eating ice cream:

     Same, Dave. Same!

     Is that how your Fridays go? Are you glad to see the minions again? Let me know in the comments below!


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