How I'm Keeping Track of the Days

     The days rush on. I'm keeping up with them. Wake, school, eat, laundry or maybe cleaning today, get to bed early. Repeat.

     It's easy not to have an answer when someone asks the inevitable question, "What's today's date?"

     They all seem to blend together sometimes. And does it really matter if it's September 9th or 10th?

     Yes. It does.

     "Every day is a gift. You aren't promised tomorrow."

     We've all heard it. But do we remember how God is preserving our earthly lives every second of every day? He is sustaining us. Don't get paranoid, but there are so many ways we could die.

     We must live in the God-given moment and embrace the fact that today, September 10th, I, Madeline Grace Osigian, am alive and content. Put your name in the blank. I, ___________ ________ ________, am alive and content.

     Here are the ways I keep track of the days. One is inspirational. Another is organizational. The third is spiritual.

1. DayBrightener by DaySpring. (upper left) One of my sweet friends gave me this daily quote book, and I always look forward to flipping the page. I am very strict with myself and don't peek, so I know I have some wise or fun words to start my day off with.

2. Day Designer. (lower left) This is where I keep track of my assignments, calendar, and to-dos all in one place. The date and day of the week always help orient me as to where I am in this week, month, year, and life.

3. Prayer journal. (lower right) Every day, no matter how short or long, I love writing my prayer down. It keeps me focused and reminds me that I am talking to the same God Who gave Esther quiet strength and Who inscribed the Ten Commandments with His very finger.

     I hope you'll be able to use some of these resources or even find some that work just right for you. But the combination of these is my personal secret to always knowing the day. Happy September 10th! There's nothing special about today except that you are alive and happy.

     And that's enough.


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