7 Words That I've Embraced (and What They Mean to Me)

     Perhaps you've noticed, and perhaps you haven't. I recently changed my bio on this blog and all my social medias to this:
"I'm a 16-year-old writer, embracing a life of beauty, passion, grace, truth, margin, simplicity, and rest through Jesus."
     I loved my bunnies, snickerdoodles, and yellow bio, but I felt it was time to take on something new, something challenging, and something that accurately reflects what I am thinking about on a daily basis.

     Let's break it down so you can see what I'll be talking about, either directly or indirectly, on The Little Decorator in the future.

     I'm a 16-year-old ~ Yes. I can't help that I am sixteen and proud of it. I feel like sixteen is how old every character in every book is. I am sixteen going on seventeen. Sixteen is the age I've felt for so long. It's mature but a little unsure. It's an age of driving, decisions, and delicacy. I also feel like stating my young age captures people's attentions, especially in the writing world...

     Writer ~ I blog (hi! *waves*) and am working on several novels, my magnum opus being The Blue Sky and the Yellow Sun, which you can read an unedited excerpt of here. Having "writer" in my bio and using #amwriting on Twitter attracts lots of fellow writers of all demographics. "Writer" is something lots of shy writers avoid, but I embrace it!

     Embracing a life (of) ~ This may seem like an unimportant phrase, but I am constantly excited about life. Whether making huge life goals or smiling at strangers, I know God has a purpose for every area of my life. Living, laughing, and loving freely is a theme for my life right now, and it is encapsulated in this pretty little phrase.

     Beauty ~ My blog tagline for awhile was "God made the beauty. I'm here to share it with you!" On Pinterest especially, beauty is a key factor in what I choose to immerse myself in. I believe in a beautiful, loving God. I live in His beautiful world. And in our culture, it's especially important to me to emphasize true beauty in girls of all ages.

     Passion ~ I have a lot of passion! It's not mine really. I get it from God. I don't think God wants us to live apathetic lives. He doesn't want us to be bored or to not care. He wants us to live abundantly! If passion was a spiritual gift, I think it would be mine.

     Grace ~ I've learned a lot about grace as I recovered from perfectionism. Grace should invade every area of our lives. It's not just about salvation but about daily letting Jesus overflow into others' lives through us.

     Truth ~ All this negativity in the world needs to be replaced with truth ASAP. God's Word is one of my favorite things, and it contains truths that are as relevant today as the day they were written.

     Margin ~ Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman (my review here) taught me a lot about taking control of my life only to hand it back over to Jesus. What I mean by that is that I am letting Him dictate how I spend my time, so I can spend it wisely on things that are truly meaningful. I'm learning to slow down and allow for blank pages on my calendar.

     Simplicity ~ Whether you've been reading The Little Decorator for three years or three days, you've probably figured out I am a huge fan of simplicity. Keeping every part of my life as uncomplicated as possible is a main theme of my days.

     Rest ~ As I've discovered that I am an ENFJ with introverted tendencies, I am letting myself slow down and truly rest more often. More than ever, I need time alone.

     Through Jesus ~ Possibly the two most important words in my bio. Nothing I do has any meaning without Him. He has redeemed my life and days, so I can do all these things through Him and Him alone.



  1. I love your revamped bio. I know you personally and agree with every single word you chose! This is by far one of my favorite posts from you and one that I will file in my "ENCOURAGEMENT" email folder. I thank God for you and your beauty, passion, grace, truth, simplicity & His love and am truly blessed to call you friend.

    1. Aw! Thank you, Ms. Robyn! You're a blessing and encouragement to me.


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