A Prayer for the Fourth Thursday of November

Lord Jesus,

     May You give us grace upon grace whether we're travelling or staying home. Let our minds and hearts be focused on You, despite the details of food and accommodations. May our speech be seasoned with love so that it tastes sweet to others.

     No matter where we are or what we've done, You've redeemed and accepted us. Let us share that grace and forgiveness with others. Help us to hold our tongues or speak up. Help us to be the shoulders to cry on in bad times and the hearts that rejoice in good times.

     Thank You for the blood of Your Son and the peace we have through it. May we thrive in that peace and pursue it. Let us rest in all You've done for us rather than the things You've given us.

     When the last goodbye is spoken and the last plate returned to the cupboard, may we trust that You worked Your perfect ways in and through us. We'll whisper a "thank you, Jesus" and cross this great day off the calendar. Because You were with us and You were in us, and that was enough.


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