Blanket Scarves

     Blanket scarves need their own post, wouldn't you say? I wear mine...well, I'm wearing it right now, so you have a taste of how often I wear it.

    After Pinning dozens of blanket scarves, I settled upon the one I wanted to get.

     The one I got on Etsy is perfect!

     Scared by a blanket scarf? It's really super easy. There's one main way to wear it that I found on Pinterest. Having worn it that way every time (until I take it off to use as a blanket), I've got it down.

     Pinterest never fails!

     There are other ways you can wear one, but this is the best way to break yours in. I hope you try a blanket scarf this fall! It's definitely a fun addition to your wardrobe, especially if you already have lots of greys and neutrals to wear it with.

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