Dear Introverts

Dear Introverts,

     In the past, I didn't understand you. After three years of observation and study, I see you are just like other people; you have personalities and opinions. You just tend to keep them hidden.

     And that's ok.

     I'm sorry we extroverts tend to stomp all over you. I've seen it over and over. Odds are, you can't fathom why our worlds revolve around people. But some of us can't fathom what you do for hours by yourself.

     I have introverted tendencies, so I understand how you process and how you long for one or two close friends. I have introverted friends, so I understand that you can hold up your end of a conversation and actually have a lot to say if we extroverts will just give you a chance.

     I'm sorry for all the times we don't give you that chance. I'm sorry for the times we crowd you, pressure you into dancing, or shame you. But we also make you laugh louder than you ever thought you could. We're doing our best to include you, and we love those times that--once in a blue moon--you show us your wild side.

     We promise to do our best to give you space when you need it. We'll let you recharge by yourself, and we won't pressure you to share too much of your beautiful soul.

     Thank you for being the peacemaker in the room. Thank you for your quiet in a world that won't stop talking. And thank you for your sweet friendship.


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