My Favorite Posts I Wrote as a Sixteen-Year-Old

     December 18th is a week until Christmas, and it is my half birthday! I'm halfway through my favorite age and the age I've always wanted to be ~ sweet sixteen.
     I expected 16 to be a wonderful year, and so far, so good. I'm thriving instead of surviving. Even when disappointment comes, God gives me the courage to face it or mourn the old things.
     I'm reading a lot. Currently on my nightstand: Anil's Ghost, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Gone with the Wind. And after I read those and one play, I will have completed the PopSugar challenge for 2015.
     Writing is fun and loose these days. I'm not driving traffic, and I'm fine with that. Being content is the key to joy, and I am certainly finding joy in The Little Decorator. I'm also occasionally tweaking my novel. Writing fiction is hard, but it's my favorite.
     My days look like...
school ~ read or write ~ Twitter or YouTube ~ help make and eat dinner ~ read and unwind
     I've taken a break from some things this December, and it's lovely. I've learned how to manage my time, and so far I haven't had any sugar treats in December. (My definition is, no cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream, or desserts with sugar.)
     Some of my favorite posts I've written so far as a sixteen-year-old include:
Literary Couples That Never Were (And Why They Should Have Been) ~ I love this one because romance is one of my primary reasons for reading. To me, if there is no romance, there is no plot. Sometimes I have to imagine the romances, and that is ok. That's what I do in this post.

Sweet Sixteen Dinner and Dessert ~ I don't post as many parties as I used to, but this one was so elegant and simple that I had to share it! It was a fantastic start to my year as a sixteen-year-old.
Madeline & Friends: Episode #1 with Anni ~ This was so much fun! Be prepared to watch two giggly sixteen year olds make obscure references and say goofy things. :)
What is Elegance? ~ This post was everything I wanted it to be. Godly elegance. Being genuine. The gentleness and quietness. The story of our youth pastor leaving. All wrapped up with a lovely bow.
A Letter | To the people who always end up behind me at baseball games ~ This was an unusual post for me. I try to keep this blog a place of beauty, grace, and joy, but applying that to a rant was hard. I do feel like I worked grace into it, but more than anything, I needed to get it out of my system after several rough experiences at baseball games.
10 Tips for Eliminating the Distraction of Your Phone ~ Minions included in this informative post about all of us being on our phones too much. It needs to stop, and here is how.

I'm Not Busy ~ This post accurately describes how my first semester as a sixteen-year-old has been. It's about time and relationships. Readers called it "thought-provoking."
Fridays in Minion Gifs ~ The minions return in this conglomeration of the things we experience on Fridays.
7 Words I've Embraced (and What They Mean to Me) ~ This is the explanation of my new bio. It expounds upon the many things I've been learning about.

Last year's half birthday post: When You Alone Celebrate

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