The Best Present You Can Give This Year

     It's one of those years where the holidays haven't trampled our spirits in the dust. It's one of those holidays where I'm staying home enough to ignore all the commercialization. We're focused on the real "reason for the season" as they say.

     I love the Luke 2 scene. I love thinking about Mary and Joseph huddled in a cave with a teeny-tiny velvety-skinned baby. I love imagining Mary's reaction to stinky shepherds crowding around her Son.

     Jesus gave us the gift of His presence that day. Emmanuel, God with us, is a beautiful thing.

     What better gift can we then give than to be there for others? Our presence is invaluable. And if we're Christians, God's Holy Spirit goes with us. So when we make ourselves available to others, God's presence is with them too--in us.

Breakdown of this gift idea:
  • Cost: Free but invaluable to others
  • Time: Many hours, as long as necessary. This is a gift of our time.
  • Best for: Those who are hurting or want us to be present
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Personal? Yes!
     But this isn't just for those who are hurting. This is also for our family during the Christmas season. Think about how much time you may spend ignoring others--whether you're on devices, shopping last-minute, in the kitchen all day, or hiding behind a book.

     I, for one, simply want the gift of your presence.


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