A Discourse on Dreams

     The alarm clock clangs, and I'm surprised that it's already 6 am. It feels as if my head just hit the pillow. But then I recall that between 10 pm and the alarm's ringing, I was deep in dreamland.

     I have vivid dreams too--full technicolor, multiple plotlines, so many recognizable faces, and emotions. The false reality I slip into is one where I can feel hot breath on my face when someone whispers to me and tears slipping down my cheek when someone dies.

     I'm sorry to tell you who don't have dreams like this that you are missing out. Maybe it's the 824 page novel or the colorful pictures on my wall, but these vivid, imaginative dreams come to me every night.

     Before big days, I will often have a realistic nightmare or two--opening night at the theater going dreadfully wrong or my SAT being in another language. These are frantic and leave me crazy, but there could be worse. The good thing is that I watch and read so few scary things that I rarely have truly terrifying, blood-chilling, heart-beating, lungs-panting-while-running-for-my-life nightmares.

     But often it's the beautiful, seamless combination of dreams that create a truly elegant tapestry in my mind. The way faces and ideas and upcoming events blend into a kind of music that I can see and be in. The stories my mind creates are often absurd, like last night's dream of going to prom with a thirty-five-year-old blogger I follow because none of my friends could go with me. Other times they are sacred, like holding a baby or the wind whipping my hair at the front of a boat. It's like when Jonas begins to experience the fullness of life in The Giver.

     The best kind of dreams are the ones in which people I know are not only standing in the background of my dream, but they get in on the action, helping me or showing me another side of their perceived personality. The worst kind of dreams are the ones in which someone dies. I've awoken from too many dreams sobbing because someone I loved dearly (or barely knew) died.

     So, there are pros and cons of vivid, varied, imaginative dreams. They are mostly positive. My dreams fascinate me. I go to bed every night expecting something cool to happen while I sleep, and I wake up at 6 am wishing I had stayed in the dream for just a few moments longer.


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