Musicals For When Your Heart Is Bursting with Song

Still from Matilda the Musical

     It's a musical! Lights, brilliant costumes, moving sets, amazing vocalists holding notes for forever, and plenty of dance numbers!

     Musicals, in case you didn't know, are one of my favorite things. The music I listen to is primarily musical soundtracks, and musicals are my favorite kind of play.

     So it's time I made one long list of musicals I am familiar with, alphabetically, because that's how I work. :)

Both movies are good, and the play isn't bad. But I didn't really grow up with Annie, so I'm unbiased.

Beauty and the Beast
Probably my all-time favorite Disney movie, and the musical version is so beautiful and passionate. I've seen two high school production versions of this and hope to see it off-Broadway for my birthday.

Fiddler on the Roof
I've seen the movie and a high-school version of this play. I love it if only for the character Hodel. :)

Into the Woods
So, I've seen the movie twice and listened to the soundtrack over and over. It doesn't really count, but one day I will see a real, live performance of this one, hopefully a high school version that only performs Act One. (Act Two is awful!)

The King and I
I love this movie and think it would be a fabulous musical to see in person.

He looked like an ordinary teenage boy, the kind that'd never heard of Les Misérables, much less how to correctly pronounce it.#JanuaryWIPjoy
— Katie Nichols (@SherwoodWriter) January 8, 2016

Les Miserables
This show is one that sets apart the learned boys from the not-so-learned. ;) But honestly, no one could pronounce it correctly on their first try (unless they're French, in which case, LUCKY). Since the book is like a ton of bricks and I've never had an opportunity to see it live, I've only seen Les Mis in movie form. (We do skip one scene that you might want to avoid. You've been warned.)

The Lion King
I am not going to see this live until I can see it in its full glory on Broadway. Man, that cast can sing!

Little Women
I have seen two versions of this, neither of which were the Broadway show. Since I love this book, I hope one day to see the Broadway-quality version of it.

Mary Poppins
I've only seen this Disney classic live once, but I don't need to see it again to love Mary Poppins as much as ever. The movie is probably your best bet in my opinion. (I mean, who is better than Julie Andrews!?!?)

"My mommy says I'm a miracle." Oh, come on? You didn't start singing? This sweet take on Roald Dahl's dare I say flawless book was performed for me seen off-Broadway (that means Broadway-quality, but not in NY). It's a beauty! And "When I Grow Up" is totally worth finding on YouTube.

My Fair Lady
I love this movie, full of catchy songs and that dramatic British flair that adds so much to musicals. I've never seen the play live.

This is the one musical I have performed in. In 2009, I was a little orphan girl in a community theater version of the classic Dickens' story.

The Phantom of the Opera
This was my first show to see at Broadway quality, and it was spectacular! After seeing it live, the movie is ever-so-slightly disappointing.

The Sound of Music
I've only seen the movie. :( But once again, what could be better than Julie Andrews? Can I get an amen?

The untold story of the witches of Oz is probably my all-time favorite, even though I've never seen it in person. I've watched two illegally-posted online YouTube versions of the Broadway show and have fallen in love with Idina Menzel as an actress. This is one soundtrack that I've listened to probably hundreds of times. Just ask my family. I know every word to that show.

     Also, if you love musicals even half as much as I do, you should totally check out my theater board on Pinterest. :)

     I know there are tons of other musicals: Hamilton, Tarzan, Cinderella, etc. These are just the ones I have some sort of experience with. My favorites are Beauty and the Beast and Wicked. What is your favorite?



  1. Favorites? Oh my, there are so many. We have many in common, but some you didn't list are:
    A Chorus Line -- love! love! love!
    Assassins -- great Sondheim musical, very dramatic
    Sweeney Todd -- love the soundtrack
    Mame - love the movie version with Lucille Ball
    West Side Story, The Music Man, Jesus Christ Superstar & Godspell -- all on my wish list to see either locally or on Broadway
    oh yeah, I also like Gypsy. One of the few musicals that I've cried all 3 times I've seen it onstage.

    1. Fun fun! Wow, that's a lot! The list of good shows will never end, but I want to see as many as I can in my lifetime. :)

  2. I saw The Lion King live and gosh they were absolutely amazing performers! Their voices were so beautiful.

    1. That would be so cool! It's totally on my bucket list.


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