Confidence Shoes

Confidence ˈkänfədəns/ shoes /SHo͞oz/, n. ~ something sassy you put on your feet that gives gumption to your whole being so that you feel you can conquer the world
      I wore the same dress on Easter Sunday 2016 that I wore Easter Sunday 2015. I was perfectly ok with that. And guess what? Everyone else was too. No one noticed. Or no one cared.

     I'm finding more and more that people are so preoccupied with themselves that one can get away with wearing the same thing two years in a row. (You can also get away with being way less self-conscious, but that's another post.)

     I did want something to spice up that darling yellow dress though. Enter the Confidence Shoes.

     Some things you must know:
  1. I've never owned a pair of heels in my life. (ie. I have never mastered the skill of walking in them.)
  2. I had wanted floral heels for a while.
  3. These are at least two inch heels.
     Those three made for a dangerous combination, but I am happy to say that I bought the shoes I fell in love with BUT I did not fall while wearing the shoes. :)

     I've never had a shoe obsession or thought much about them. I don't consider myself a grand fashionista, and honestly, I only owned six total pairs of shoes before the Confidence Shoes entered my life. (For my minimalist buddies, that includes 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of tennis shoes, 2 pairs of casual VANS brand shoes.)

     But something about these shoes made me believe that the right pair of heels can give you a little extra confidence along with that extra height.

     So I call them my Confidence Shoes.

     I call them my Confidence Shoes because they are fun and glamorous, beautiful and quirky.

     I call them my Confidence Shoes because I would totally be a businesswoman if I got to wear them every day.

     I call them my Confidence Shoes because I never once tripped (a true miracle since this girl has never worn heels for more than five minutes).

     I call them my Confidence Shoes because no matter how much I want to run, they keep me at a cool, collected walk.

     I call them my Confidence Shoes.

     And now you know why.


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