Madeline & Friends: Episode #3 with Macy

     I was thinking about calling this post "How to Be the Best Babysitter Ever," but then I realized that that was kind of a given. :) I've been in this lovely business for almost four years now, and it is the funnest thing ever!

     Kids are some of my best friends, and it's always fun playing hide-and-seek, baking, and, yes, calming the occasional crying baby.

     Today, I have another episode of Madeline & Friends to share. This one is not an interview but is us playing BEANBOOZLED. What is BeanBoozled, you ask?
BeanBoozled is the Russian Roulette of candy games. Each box is filled with both delicious and strange flavors. The catch is that you cannot tell what you're going to get until you eat it!
      We had so much fun! Watch the video below. (Subscribers will need to click over here.)


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