April Recap ~ In Pictures

     I'm late, but have no fear: I didn't forget our monthly recap. Brace yourself for lots of selfies, rainy days, and flowers!
Looking at arrows & awaiting the day I can apply to my favorite colleges

The best drawing of Mrs. Rylie so far! (She is a feisty elderly woman in my novel, The Blue Sky and the Yellow Sun.)

Some days my hair makes me feel like a Disney princess.

A line from my novel, beautifully penned.

When going through hard times, yellow flowers make the days brighter.

Goofing off lifts the spirits...


Smile! When grey clouds cover the skies, He is still reigning...

But you might want to bring your umbrella. :)

Serious selfie.
Serious doggy.

As Mary Poppins always says, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

A sneak peek of prom, but, rest assured, I'll have an entire post on it later. :)
On point!

Prom was a spectacular way to end the month!

     Those April showers had better bring some May flowers!


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