Why I Am Teaching Myself French

     I started teaching myself a new language in April.

     I've always wanted to. Smart people in books are constantly teaching themselves new languages, and Adaline Bowman started teaching herself Braille.

     Why French?

          I've always been fascinated by two places: England and France. I already know English (obviously), and now that I have four years of Latin behind me, I'm ready to tackle any language with Latin roots.

          Spanish, German, and French will be my primary foreign language choices in college. So I wanted to get a head start on the one I will learn. My preconceived notions contributed a lot to my decision:

  • No offense, but Spanish is boring (everyone does it, especially since we live in Texas).
  • German is just plain creepy.
  • French is romantic (thank you, pop culture, for brainwashing me).

     Why are you teaching yourself?

          I am homeschooled and love to cultivate my skills of teaching myself something new. I have a tutor now, so it's not completely teaching myself.

     Why now?

          If I'm taking French in college, I might as well start getting a taste for it now. I'd rather be ahead than behind in my freshman year, wouldn't you?

     How are you teaching yourself?

         I have downloaded an app, Duolingo, and I plan to begin watching French foreign films and reading books that will improve my understanding of the language. I'd like to pair that with a culture study.

     I am also getting tutored weekly and talking with a French foreign exchange student to get my pronunciations correct.

     What languages do you know? Which ones do you want to learn? Do you have any advice for me? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Hi Madeline ~ I found your blog via the webinar the other day :-) Good for you to keep on learning! I tried to teach myself Japanese once, but I gave up pretty quickly. I think I need an actual partner to talk with! Good luck with your French. (Bon ... voyage?)

    1. Hi, Andrea!
      So nice to "see" you again! Japanese sounds really hard, but I'm sure you're learning other things. Life is a very good teacher.
      Au revior! (Goodbye!)


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