Amazon 2016: Pictures & Thoughts

     A month ago today, I was in Brazil, travelling along the Amazon River from village to village. It was my third trip to that beautiful place and by far the best one!

     I'm writing this post partly in preparation for the report letter that I still need to compose (so those who supported us financially and with prayer get a glimpse of what happened). You blog readers are the best, so you're my test group. :)

     I worked with the eyeglass ministry the first day, and quickly considered myself in charge of organizing it/staffing it every day. I also went out with an evangelism team several times. Those are teams of about three Americans and a translator who go hut-to-hut to meet the villagers and share the gospel.

Here's a goofy picture of me that one of my friends took by pointing the camera in my face with no warning. Thanks a lot!

Hammock selfie! (I hope all these pictures make up for no June or July photo recap!)

Typical terrain

This is the most parrot-y parrot I have ever seen in person. And isn't this what you think of when you think of the Amazon jungle? Too perfect!

We were watching the villagers play the boat (us) in soccer, and they tied 2-2.

We organized our teenage girls' ministry that day too, and it was awesome!

Eek! So touristy. Sorry, guys. I'm tacky. But this yellow house made me so stinkin' happy!

This gorgeous sky!

     And what did God teach me? I'm so glad you asked.

     He taught me about the body of Christ. He showed me Himself in the people, nature, and time alone with Him. He taught me about patience and perseverance. He supplied me with the fruit of the Spirit, and I know that Spirit controlled me the whole time. He taught me about spiritual warfare and being an adult. He taught me what it means to be accountable to the God of the universe for every single one of my actions. He taught me that prayer is vital, and His will and way are the best.

     So there's a snippet of my trip and an explanation for why I didn't get around to posting in July. (July 1-12: trip prep. July 13-22: trip. July 23-31: trip recovery.)

     Alright, Madeline, get your act together and go write that letter now. :)


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