God's Math

Some powerful truths came up in my journal entry this morning, so I'm sharing part of it here:

     Not that I'm solving this problem with math at all! Goodness, no! No man or woman of God ever relied on human math. If we look to math, we quickly realize we are outnumbered. But God's math? That we must learn and believe in.

"How will this ever work out?"
"With God, anything is possible."

"This doesn't seem right."
"I know without a doubt this is right."

"I don't have what it takes."
"He will supply all my needs."

     You see, it's simple math, really. The most important principle?

     God is greater than we count on.


If this spoke to you in some way today, please consider sharing it. Thank you!

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  1. Wisdom speaks from your well-penned words~ Hope you have a wonderful day today. *Thank you for the encouragement through this post!


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