What I Learned from My Latest Blog Survey

     Thank you so much to the handful of you who took my New Year's survey.

     I learned some pretty cool things and thought I would share. This way, you can know which direction The Little Decorator is headed. :)

Stats about those who took the survey

88% are e-mail subscribers.
0-8 visits to the actual site per month (because they're so heavily e-mail subscribers).
88% are inspired by TLD.
75% have recommended TLD.
100% will recommend TLD in the future.
They read anywhere from 3-108 books last year.

Interest by Topic

100% liked to read about Books
88% liked to read about My Lord
75% liked to read about 6 Ways (my how-to posts)
63% liked to read about Inspiration
63% liked to read about Writing
50% liked to read about DIY
50% liked to read about Organizing
38% liked to read about Decorating
38% liked to read about Interviews
38% liked to read about Random Thoughts
13% liked to read about Parties
0% liked to read about Fashion

     Wow! These stats are some of my favorite. So you don't get lost in the numbers, I bolded the most important two: Books and Fashion. I LOVE writing about books and HATE coming up with fashion posts. That must come across in my writing. :) But really, I am so glad that I never have to write about fashion again.

Reader Responses

What would you like to see more of?

"Your funny posts about books and movies!"

"How to be intentional with your time."

"Writing tips."

"Simple things in everyday life. This can be in the form of almost all of the above topics!"

"Your inspirational thoughts on life."

"I love seeing your funny posts! I say the more of those the better. It's rare to find those with a good taste in humor these days."

"More of everything!"

What is your favorite thing about TLD?

"You are so bubbly and funny and that shines through in your writing."

"That it reflects God's beauty in you."

"I can't choose!"

"Seeing your journey with God in written form. I see it in you personally, but I love the way you write about it. I mostly smile, but sometimes I cry softly because it is just so beautiful."

"It's the fabulous writer of course!"

"How close Madeline is to God and her family."

In what areas does TLD inspire you?

     Reading, decorating, personal growth, spiritual life, being intentional, and approaching the new day/month/season/year positively were all mentioned.

"It inspires me to see the beautiful simplicity of life."

"TLD always inspires me to get off my devices and read more!"

In conclusion

     I always enjoy surveys. It gives me new vision and intentionality for my darling The Little Decorator. I hope that it continues to inspire all of you!


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  1. Oooh, thank you for sharing the stats! Not many bloggers do (including myself, ha), but I really love it when they DO share the stats, because it's really interesting to see how everyone responded.

    And whoah... that's a lot of email subscribers. o.o

    katie grace
    a writer's faith


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