Novella Storyboards

     We are the writers. The storytellers. The makers.

     And if we need a little inspiration, we waste 20 hours on Pinterest read on a picnic blanket by a pond.

     Ok, let's be honest here. We do waste hours on Pinterest. But some good can come of it, especially when we, as writers of fiction, are looking for character faces, beautiful settings, and even plot points.

     I'm joining this Pinterest Storyboard Party today. I'll say a little bit about each story as we go.

The Blue Sky and the Yellow Sun
(fully fleshed out novella, 45,000 words)

     This board is from my first novella, my magnum opus throughout high school. Yes, I wrote it freshman year. And no, you may not see it. It's in the last stages of editing. Then I will set it aside for posterity. Yeah, this one is not going to the publisher any time soon. But the characters are beautiful and inspired.

     You can read an excerpt from The Blue Sky and the Yellow Sun here.

As You Wish, Sister
(NaNo 2016 WIP, a few chapters in)

     This is my current work-in-progress. We'll see where it goes. It's inspired by the Salem witch trials and has themes of sisterhood.

   What do you think of my storyboards? They bring me joy and make me want to write, so I think they fulfill their purpose. :)


P.S. Congratulations, Rebekah, winner of Designed to Pray! E-mail me your address, and I will mail you your copy.


  1. That is such a great way to describe storyboards! "They bring me joy and make me want to write."

    I think the "Aspen" board is my favorite of yours—it has an intriguing-looking cast of characters. Thanks so much for joining in the blog party!

    1. Thank you so much! I loved your storyboards too, especially the railways one. :)


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