National Handwriting Day and My Latest Creations

Dear reader,
     Wednesday the 23rd was National Handwriting Day. This week, my challenge for you is to write to just one friend or family member to share some love! Valentine's Day isn't for another two weeks or more, but that is no excuse!
     I fear the art of a handwritten note is fading every year. We must revive this beauty by cutting back on emails and phone calls. Instead, we should hand write our birthday cards, "just because" cards, and valentines. Who is with me?
     The damsel in distress needs you to write (in cursive, please!) a loving note, even to a member of your household. Share this post with others and take your pen in hand now. It need not be lengthy or eloquent, just sincere. Please write back.

1                    2                   3                4                5                  6
Update: 1, 2, 3, and 4 are sold. Purchase yours today before it sells!
     P.S. I made these bookmarks a few days ago with flowers I have pressed over several years. They would be perfect for giving to friends as valentines or for birthdays. You could buy all six for $5 or individuals for $1 each. This is a first come, first serve deal. I have no duplicates. Email or comment with the number of the bookmark to let me know which one you want!


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