Extraordinary: A Definition

     What is extraordinary? You can think of examples: a brilliant sunset, a newborn baby, washing the dishes with a song in your heart.

     But what makes these things extraordinary? What defines the extra-ordinary?

     It's the ordinary made special that makes us collectively catch our breath. Everyday things made uniquely beautiful to us in that moment.

     And we can't describe it.

     Because although sunsets are beautiful, they happen every single day. What makes this one extraordinary? That newborn baby is simply how every life on this planet begins. How does holding one in your arms become the most serene moment in your life? What makes washing the dishes, the most mundane activity, also one of the most magical?

     These ordinary moments, held in our hands with the bane and beauty of humanity, remind us of our mortality as well as all we have left to experience in this lifetime. We remember that this moment is sacred, that we only get so many sunsets. We smell the soft newborn scent and close our eyes to freeze the moment in our memories. The dishes will be finished soon, but we savor the teamwork as one washes and the other dries.

     In those moments, everything stills, and you hear the heartbeat. The pulse of the sun, the sleeping baby, the water pressure on your skin.

     And you realize it's the people you are surrounded by who make the moment more extraordinary than ordinary.



Decisions Made with More than Luck

     Two years ago today, I was inwardly making a decision that would shape nearly everything about my life today.

     St. Patrick's Day 2016 - the day I woke up in a Mississippi College dorm for the first time, stepped out to the "Lover's Swings, and spent the morning reflecting on my visit thus far.

     I looked up and down at the beautiful, tall trees, the red brick buildings, and the lampposts reminding me of a Narnian winter wonderland. I wondered, "What will campus look like when fall changes the colors of the leaves or when snow covers each individual blade of grass?"

     My first year of college was dramatically impacted by that one day. One day of tours and stories, of falling in love with a place, and of setting off on a destiny I didn't know I had.

     Luckily, I never looked back.


Beloved Child

     Child, you are more than enough today. Hear the Lord's call on your day and your life.

     I wrote a little something for you that has been on my heart since last Sunday.

     Ready to read my post on Burning Youth? Click here.



At the End of the Year

     We had snow in Mississippi.

     And I say we because I am no longer alone at college. I am surrounded by dozens - dare I say hundreds - of people who are choosing to go on this college adventure with me.

     I have friends whose papers I edit, friends who encourage me to write (though not online. my apologies.), friends who point me to the Lord, friends who I can be goofy and dance with, and friends who I miss very much.

     There's not a lot I can say to sum up what this semester has meant to me. I'm 1/6 of the way through this college journey, and I want to hold on to every moment.

     What was this semester like? It was...


How to Appear Smarter and More Confident, No. 1

     Inspired by my days as a high schooler turning into a college student (ahem, that would be this summer), I am starting a new series "How to Appear Smarter and More Confident."

     It's a little goofy but a little serious. As I go through these things I've noticed in others and picked up on, I hope you will take them with a grain of salt. There are few things we need to do besides follow God's will for our lives. But these are fun and easy ways to stand out from the crowd a little.

     Sure, you may want to blend into the crowd. If that is you, by all means skip this post that I am slaving over for you instead of doing my homework. :) I won't be bitter at all...

     And, as always, the heartbeat of this post is growing in elegance in both person and spirit.


Hello, College!

Hello, hallowed walls, hallowed halls.
Clock tower, bell tower,
Traditions rising strong.
You have much to teach me, but I have more.

All I have brought is myself and some dorm decor,
But you have so much for this little mind of mine.
I'll grow as a person.
I'll grow as a student.

My portfolio will never be the same,
Nor will my bank account.
Yes, the days are long, and the nights are longer.
It's hard not to get them mixed up.


Dorm Sweet Dorm

     The moment you've all been waiting for (or let's be real, the moment I've been waiting for for years). I'm in a dorm room! So now I have two beautiful little spaces to decorate and love.

     A whole new aesthetic to explore, and a whole new canvas to paint on.

     Everything in the bedroom should revolve around sleep and comfort, so of course, my roommate and I began with these three throw pillows and built the room around grey, dark blue, and light blue.