The One for the Hard Days

     This one's for the hard days, the Mondays, the can't-face-it days. Life tumbles around and throws the unexpected, and we collapse in our weaknesses.

     For we are weak. All of us. We can't conquer these days on our own, and we'll fail miserably if we try.

     And yet...

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Goodbye, High School

Goodbye, high school.

Farewell, freshman year,
With all your excitements and pride.
You were the year of finding true friends
And unintentionally making a few enemies.

Everyone pretends to hate freshmen,
But we knew they loved us deep down.
I moved a lot freshman year
And learned a lot too.

Farewell, sophomore year,
You grand irrelevance.
The year I grew through the pain
And the one I thought I was mature in.


Fully Alive, Fully You

     "You do you" is my common whisper to myself. Be you bravely. Be the best, truest version of yourself. Be who God is creating in you.

     You are beautiful. You are seen, known, and loved. You are mature & maturing. You are unlocking more and more of the beautiful deep places that have always been there within you.

     Fully alive, fully you.

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He Is Risen!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." ~2 Corinthians 5:17, ESV

     Happy Easter! May we never forget our Savior: His death which paid our debt and His glorious resurrection which gave us life!



The Gift of Life

     Do you ever find that your words have more power than you dreamed? And others' words pierce your very soul in beautiful ways?

     If so, then you know that the gift of words is the gift of life.

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Sorting Bible Characters into Hogwarts Houses

{If you ever wonder what I do with those random pockets of downtime or late-night muses, here's a sneak peak.}

     I sorted well-known Bible characters into Hogwarts houses after finishing Harry Potter for the first time.

     I've avoided talking about HP thus far because it can get really controversial really fast. But if you ever wondered, I have read them (as of 2016), and I enjoyed them. (As for the morality of them: just obey your parents, and you're golden.)

     I identify with the house of Ravenclaw and was officially sorted into it on Pottermore. So though I am partial, I had a lot of fun thinking through Bible characters (and let's be real, people I know in real life) and sorting them.


My 10 Favorite Verses

     Way back in 2013, when TLD was just an itsy bitsy wee wittle baby, I wrote a post concerning some of my favorite Bible verses. It's been so long since I've revisited that list, but I needed to today.

     Why? I need to pick a "favorite verse" for senior celebratory purposes. The trouble is, I'm kind of between favorite verses right now. 1 Timothy 4:12 was my favorite for a long time, with Psalm 19:14 as a close second. So please help me choose one of the verses below? I'd love your imput!