My Bunny Rabbit Obsession

     I love bunnies! What is your obsession?

     How do you use it in decorating?

     Turn your obsession into a decorating style.

     Use what you love (a country, animal, art style, time period, color, or pattern) to furnish your home. In addition, be sure to follow my new bunny board on Pinterest.


P.S. Are you obsessed with banners, books, Laura Ingalls Wilder, or fun decorating? Comment on this post before August 12th for a chance to win this 6-foot-long book page banner!


  1. I like owls.

    I think you might like the following web page (your brother, too). It's all dedicated to Lord of the Rings crafts and there is a whole section decorating. Check it out.


    (I am still member on this site, but haven't been active in a while. Under the section called Diversities is something by me, titled "Stuck on Lord of the Rings" and also under Garb, titled "Costumes: Charis’ Detailed Guide on How to Become a Hobbit").

    1. Thanks! If you like owls, you should check out my post, Perfectly Imperfect:



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