What I Learned in August

     I love sharing what I learned in a month on Chatting at the Sky. This month held fun in the form of celebrities, M&M's, projects, cookies, and a good series!

1. Prince George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor is the long, full name of the new royal baby. (I like it though!)

2. Lizzy Bennet's (from BBC's Pride and Prejudice) real name (Jennifer Ehle) is pronounced like Jennifer Eel-ee not el, like I always pronounced it.

3. M&M's AS BIG AS YOUR FACE! Buy extra extra large bags of M&M's for sleepovers or huge parties! You are almost always guaranteed leftovers (hence the x-x-large size!).

4.  On Little Green Notebook (one of my very favorite decorating/DIY blogs), I discovered that you can paint vinyl. Who knew? She did it with her now-striped chair. Too cute!

5.  From Oh the Thinks You Can Think!, this quote is so fun and AWESOME. An Etsy print of it would be sweet!!!

6. I found a new blog too. Common Sense and Sensibility, written by a friend of Sally Clarkson's daughter, is an encouraging blog on topics like mercy vs. grace, worry, and world issues. This homeschool grad is inspiring women young and old to live a Christ-centered life. Put it on your blog roll or sign up for her emails like I did. You won't regret it!

7.  Felt flowers are so easy to make! I made one...oops a green one! (Green flowers are rather rare!) I just picked the first non-shredded, full piece of felt I saw, and it was green. Whoopsidaisy! Oh well. It turned out very nicely. Crafts tend to do that for me when I follow the direction to the letter (or pic here!) I saw this on Pinterest and really wanted to do it.

8.  Spray painting is addicting! Read the post.

9. Making snicker doodle cookies is super simple, and they are delicious! I had never tried them until this month, but I am addicted. They were a huge hit at a recent church gathering that I brought them to. The recipe we used is from the book Martha Stewart's Cookies. You could also probably find it online.

10. I already knew this one, but I rediscovered it by rereading the series. I love the Millie books by Martha Finley. (I read the adapted versions by A Life of Faith.) The books are definitely worth a reading by anyone. There are eight books, but they are each easy reads.



  1. Love the look on your face with the M&Ms!

    1. Thanks! M&M's make me giddy! (And then when I eat them I get super hyper.)


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