I've Never Liked the Color Black

     Technically, it isn't even a color.
     It is a lack of light.
     Why do we always associate blackness and darkness with evil? And why do we pair goodness with light? It helps us distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. If all their outfits were grey and their character traits mixed, it makes for a confusing story.
     No human has ever actually seen only darkness. In the deepest part of caves where you can't see your hand an inch from your face, there is still light.
     God made light. It was the first thing He made. Before that, "darkness hovered over the surface of the deep."
      That was the real darkness.
      God allows some blackness, for He created day and night.
      Night is when we enjoy stars and the cheery face of the moon. Night is when we learn that without more light, we are helpless in our attempts to avoid LEGOs on the floor.
     Without the Light, there is total darkness.
     Without a little white, we can't see the black. Without a little light, we can't see the darkness.
     Take, for instance, the words on this screen. You'd never know what they said unless there was white around them and light shining forth from your screen.
     The point is this:
     God created day and night. Don't be afraid of dark. Dark is not as beautiful as light, but without it you can't recognize or love light.
      These rough and random thoughts were developed late at night.

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