Come On In!

     It is a widely known fact that we should be hospitable.

     Some people have entertained angels without knowing it. I never have, but maybe I will one day. I might because I have made it a habit to say three little words.




     To neighbors, friends dropping by, or new acquaintances: Come on in.

     To my friend the mail lady: Come on in.

     To all: Come on in.

     Those words mean casual, spontaneous visits. They mean "Let me give you a tour of our new place!" They mean people are more likely to drop in with cupcakes or cookies next time they are in the area. "Come on in" shows relaxed, joyful friendship.

     But I warn you:

     If you use these words more often, people will come in sometimes. And sometimes, they will stay for hours. And sometimes, you will have to set aside your to-do list. And other times, they will see your house as it usually is.

       Hospitality is not for the faint of heart. You will be exposed to judgment, curious looks, and surprised guests.


     You will also learn to serve the last of your hot chocolate mix. You will make friends. You will share stories, laughs, and make someone's day.

     And as they leave your front porch after making memories, they might just say, "Thank you."

      Or they might, just maybe say, "Come on by my place sometime. It isn't much, but we'd love to have you."

     Then you have instilled a hospitable attitude in others, inspiring them to reject the cultural norm. They will invite others in despite unmopped, crummy floors. They will say, "Hey, come on in!"

     This does not just apply to moms or wives or homeowners. It applies to everyone. It applies to me and you. Let's change the world, three words at a time.


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