Simply Crafty: Flowery Collage & Giveaway

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     Happy first day of spring!

     The season of sunny but cool days and blossoming green things is upon us.

     I am not a huge fan of collages because of their cluttered look and my desire to see everything, but this overlapping flowers collage made me a fan of the perfectly imperfect technique.

     Indeed, there is no technique. Just slap 'em on. If I overthink it, I am doomed to spend hours rearranging the pieces.

     The flower photos were from a daily 2013 calendar. At the beginning of 2014, I eagerly flipped through the calendar's 365 different pictures, hunting down the prettiest photographs. And then, while we were conversing with family in town, I nonchalantly pasted them to a 12"x12" piece of white scrapbooking paper.

     I was detailed with the various cuts around each photo: fringe here, zig-zags there, a choppy cut, or a curvy sculpting with the scissors.

     The collage turned out beautiful and simple.

     Comment to win the 12"x12" flower collage for your home! Oh yeah...and tell someone else happy spring today!


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  1. Happy Spring!!! Thanks Madeline! As always elvenly yours,


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