Simply Crafty: Watercolor

     Break out your watercolors today for a lovely, simple piece of art.

     Watercolor is the only type of painting I really truly find to be relaxing. No pressure, no commitment, just do what the water commands. We even bought watercolor paper, which doesn't wrinkle when damp.

     There is a really cool app out called Waterlouge. The app converts pictures to a water color painting.

     I enjoy doing my water-coloring by hand. It is cheap, simple, and beautiful!

     I am also enjoying Simply Crafty...a chance to focus myself in on all things simple and crafty.

     The best part about this month is that since I am limiting myself to a topic, I have all these other awesome post ideas for the months ahead.

     Happy Pi Day! (3.14)! Eat a slice for me!

     Katrina wins the giveaway of the House Beautiful magazine!

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