Just Go

     Go dance in the rain.

     Go climb that wall you've always wanted to and see what's on the other side.

     Go walk or bike to the library, coffee shop, grocery store, or a friend's house.

     Go run down your street barefoot.

     Go pack that bag and start driving.

     Go buy that ticket for a country you've always wanted to visit or sign up for that mission trip.

     Go start that blog.

     Go write that book.

     Go conquer that stack of schoolwork.

     Go search for buried treasure.

     Go jump in that pool.

     Go take that photo.

     Go walk the Great Wall of China.

     Go see Hobbiton in New Zealand.

     Go learn something new.

     Go run for President.

     Go watch the sun set over the lake.

     Go on adventures. And go on them soon!


     I can't guarantee you won't fall. I can't guarantee you won't get lost. I can't guarantee you won't miss home. I can't guarantee people won't laugh. But go on the adventure anyway. For the adventure. For yourself! For the Lord! Give Him glory as you GO!

     Go. I mean it. Then come back and tell me about it! Pretty please?


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