5 Stylish Travel Essentials

     When I travel, either on a boat, on a plane, or in a car, I have found these five items not only practical but very stylish. And I admire stylish travelers (but if they are in Paris, I'm mostly just jealous.)
  1. Scarf ~ You never know what the temperature is going to be, and it can fluctuate especially if you're on a longer trip. Take a scarf. It's good for around you neck, in your hair, or around your shoulders.
  2. Small cross body purse ~ This is my latest find. You really can't put a whole lot in here, but it is wonderful for a "pocket-sized" book, lip balm, and mints (or whatever you like to keep on you.) That front pocket on mine is where all my cards go (mostly library cards and gift cards LOL.)
  3. Journal/Book ~ I like to read and write, but I usually don't do both on the same day. Wherever I go, I probably have a book to read or a journal to scribble genius ideas in.
  4. Pen/Pencil ~ Oh the great debate! Pens are my preference, but you never know when they'll leak all over your new cross body purse, so pencils are great too. Even if you choose a book over a journal, you never know when you'll need a writing utensil. When someone asks, "Does anyone have a pen?" you get to be the one who hands it over with a flourish that says, "I came prepared."
  5. Fuzzy socks ~ For cold planes, hotel rooms, or long car rides, these are just as amazing as a scarf. I have at least ten pairs right now.
     What do you take on your travels?


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