The Daily Process That Has Changed Me Forever

     Have you ever had a lovely dream? The kind where you wake up and wish you were still asleep? Like a dream where your house was made of chocolate.

     Or, have you ever had a horrendous nightmare? The kind where you wake up sweaty and crying? Like a dream where your house was made of chocolate, but you couldn't eat it because then you would be homeless. And you were surrounded by the temptation day by day, but nothing you did would make it so you could eat the chocolate.

     I've had dreams on both ends of the spectrum and smack in the middle with dull well-I-woke-up-and-ate-breakfast-and-then-I-did-some-schoolwork-but-then-I-woke-up-for-real-and-it-was-Monday.

     Anywho, the point to all this is that I dream a lot. As in, three to fourteen vivid dreams per night. I can remember them in the morning if I write them down first thing.

     If I don't write them down first thing (before drinking my glass of lemon water or taking out my retainer or sometimes even before getting out of bed) then I will forget them.

     And I don't want to forget them. I started this last school year when I had some weird, vivid dreams. But I stopped writing them down when that journal ran out of pages.

     I recently picked it up again because I had forgotten how awesome it was to go back and read silly or strange or scary dreams.

     Your brain saves those images, but if you write them down, you will have the key to access them.

     At least, that is how I think about it.

     Did I mention that I write down why I think I had each particular dream? This is really important to me. You'd be surprised to see how many of my dreams (even the crazy ones) are attached to the things I did the day before or events I am anticipating. Or perhaps I dreamed about a person because I got an email from them or miss them.

     Or I might have no reason whatsoever, so I just put a question mark.

     It's a really cool and fascinating process for me. And when the occasional night comes that I can't remember any of my dreams, I get really upset. I like analyzing and anticipating each night.

     Maybe this sounds weird to you. Maybe it sounds interesting.

     But you know those chocolate house dreams I talked about? Well, what if there were roses carved into the walls? What if you were there with your book club discussing "Hansel and Gretel?" What if your dog had been barking somewhere in the background because there was a fire, and the chocolate roof was about to drown you all?

     But all you could remember was how mad you were that you couldn't eat the chocolate walls.

     Should've written it down! :)


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