How To Give Your Mom the Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed This Mother's Day

     This one's for the kids. So, if you're an adult, you can go read this for your Mother's Day blessing: This One's For the Mothers.

     Breakfast in bed. Have you attempted it? Some years go better than others.

     This Sunday is Mother's Day, and your mama is gonna have her socks blown off! I guarantee it. Whether it's waffles, eggs, or just a smoothie, this Sunday is going to be special.

     But first, some inspiration. I pinned several lovely b-i-b pictures onto my board f o o d:

        In my mind, there are three key ingredients to a flawless breakfast in bed (other than the food, because that is a given...more on that in a minute):
     1. The perfect tray. Don't get me wrong. I've used cookie sheets to deliver b-i-b (breakfast in bed) before. It doesn't have to be glamorous. It should just be something that will fit the food (and the other things below) well and still be small enough to set in your mom's lap or next to her on the bed.
     2. Something growing. This could be a vase of flowers from the store or a live plant. If your mom isn't a flowery girl, try a succulent. That's this in case you were wondering:
     Anyway...pretty much anything cute and green. This could even be a small glass of tall grass or branch clippings.
     3. Something colorful. A bowl of fruit, a colorful napkin, a favorite coffee mug. Don't have too many colors going. Just eye it, and it will be perfect.
     For the food...
     It's ok to ask your mom what her favorite breakfast is! In fact, we play a game around the lunch table called "Favorites." We take turns picking categories like "Favorite Movie," "Favorite Thing to Do on the Weekend," or "Favorite DC Superhero" (ahem, Patrick...).
     So play a game of favorites or just straight-up ask her. If she doesn't have a favorite, just pick something you are certain she likes.
     And be flexible. If she wants a smoothie, and you were picturing something a little fancier, go with it. It's a lovely limitation. You can work around it. B-I-B doesn't have to be a glass of orange juice, eggs, and toast with perfectly placed silverware and a cloth napkin. (Although, if you can pull that off, it would rock!)
     So...let's say she requests a smoothie. Not romantic, but tell yourself, "I can work with this." (Also, if you have siblings, get them in the game...unless they don't care...then you can leave them out of it.)
     On the tray, you can put a vase of her favorite color flowers, the smoothie in a nice, tall, clear glass, and a napkin for dabbing her highness's mouth. :)
     It doesn't have to be complicated. Just keep it meaningful. You could even put her Mother's Day card on the tray if you are scared it will look empty.
     So those are my tips and tricks. You can do this!

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