I'm Not British, But I Care About the Royal Baby

     Who didn't swoon when Kate Middleton appeared on our tv screens in her wedding dress at 4 am?

     Who didn't get butterflies when the future king was born?

     And now, there is a sweet new addition to their family:

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
     I melted when I saw Diana! She was not the princess of my generation, but I've heard enough about her to know little Charlotte will be following in lovely footsteps!

     And look at what color Princess Kate chose for seeing the public!
     Yellow! So springy and cheerful!
     And do I really need to mention that yellow is my favorite color? You know that already!
     I'm not British, but I care about the royal baby. Royalty. Fairy tales. Castles. And modern-day princes and princesses.

P.S. Sorry for being a terrible writer by using way too many exclamation points...but I couldn't help it!

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