So You're a Writer...

     So you're a writer. You pour your heart onto the page. You love to hear the crafty ways your brain arranges words into art.

     You work and sweat and bleed onto white surfaces. Every day you're jotting down a gazillion writerly notes. You are thinking of your next project or what you'll order at Starbucks.

     (Most likely, Starbucks, because this writing thing is hard.)

     Sometimes you will get stuck. Uh-oh. Other times the words flow too fast for your hands to capture them. A lot of the time you're just waiting for inspiration or forcing it to come to you. You're releasing creativity after strangling it during dinner.

     You kindly ask to be excused because you thought of your next great blog post or novel or essay or Tweet. It really doesn't matter what it is. Or how long it is. Or who sees it.

     (You just have to get it out because inspiration can be scarce, and this writing thing is hard.)

     Let your characters come to life. Let the words leap off the pages at you. You will get tired, but the rhythms of the adverbs and adjectives will lull you to sweet slumber.

     Apostrophes make you giddy. Alliterations make you gawk. Poor spelling makes you throw your device or book across the room. Let's face it. You're a writer. You write.

     (And this writing thing is hard.)

     Did I mention that this writing thing is hard? But it's so worth it!


P.S. This is my 400th post! Whaaaaa? Awesome! Which one has been your favorite?

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