The Giver and The Lion King: 10 Wild Similarities You Never Noticed

     When you think too much, you notice things. So you Google them to see if anyone else thought of it. And when all you can find is similarities between Frozen and The Lion King, you write your own post.

     Or at least, that's what I do. :)

     Initially, it doesn't seem there are many--if any similarities. But there are...

     Here are the 10 wild similarities between The Giver and The Lion King you never noticed:

1. Their covers/posters. Go ahead. Scroll back to the top of this post. I'll wait. Look at that! Crazy, huh? There are even ghosts in the sky in both of them!

2. Their titles. The Giver. The Lion King. Both titles state the central topic of the movie very clearly and bluntly.

3. The chanting. In The Giver (book & movie), names are chanted louder and louder or softer and softer depending on the occasion. Listen to "The Circle of Life" again to remember how much chanting goes on in The Lion King. It'll make your voice hoarse to chant along!

4. The set-up of hero and mentor. Jonas looks up to the Giver and learns from him. Simba looks up to Mufasa and learns from him. Tear tear.

5. The hero being prepared for a task he thinks is too big for him. Although Simba "just can't wait to be king," there is a point he runs away-- away from responsibility and the job he was trained for. Jonas also is unsure about being the next Giver and tries to run away at one point.

6. The hero is friends with a girl who become a love interest. Shoutout to Fiona and Nala!

7. All the characters have cool names. Fiona. Jonas. Gabe. Simba. Nala. Mufasa. 'Nuff said.

8. Desert scenes. The Lion King is one big desert scene, now that I think about it. But still.

9. The theme of the celebration of life. In The Giver, the dystopian society is overruled in the end and set free (by Jonas) in exchange for culture, color, dancing, etc.. In The Lion King, the wilderness thrives under Simba's leadership. And they sing "The Circle of Life," but that was obvious.

10. Both are movies you should watch. I'm dropping the mic.


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