Do Small Things With Great Passion

     Do small things with great passion. I don't know who said it, but it's been on repeat in my head, clanking around, waiting for exposure.

     This is important to me because when I was in middle school, I read Do Hard Things, Radical, and (in high school) Love Does. They're AMAZING books. In fact, I've probably mentioned them here before. They're biblical and all fine and good.

     I got a little too wrapped up in wanting to do big things for God.

     God appreciates our little things just as much. And he also doesn't need us. He is God. He can do anything without lifting a finger. But He chooses to use us, in big and small ways.

     I know God will use me in big ways, but I've learned that often times the big things start small. We have no way of knowing they will have exponential effects.

     Some of my little things?
  • Smiling at strangers
  • Baking cookies or brownies for my family
  • Writing wholesome fiction
  • Starting a Bible study for little girls (who have now grown into mature 8th and 9th graders!)
  • Giving sincere compliments
  • Reaching out to the new girl
  • Giving people little gifts or notes
     Another one of my little things is this blog. I feel like it's totally and completely God's. He's taken it where He wants to, even when that's been a little confusing to me. :)

     I hope this blog brightens your day and is a place you can come often for a little TLC. I hope these words are an encouragement and light in your dark places. I pray they draw you closer to Jesus. Every post is written with you in mind.

     "We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love." ~Jean Vanier

     Let's remember that as we do our homework, wash our dishes, hug our friends. Ordinary things with extraordinary love (God's love). Small things with great passion.



Thank you for reading! Also, thank you for making my day brighter with your encouraging words. I cherish each and every comment. If you check back in a day or two, I should have responded to your note. Thanks for dropping me a line!