This is possibly going to be my favorite post in this series. :) Brace yourself.
     Ahhhhhh. Books. Let's just say that even if you don't like to read (but you should, in my humble opinion), you would find a wall of books more comforting than a blank wall.
     And a nightstand always looks better with some bedtime reads on it. Desks with a layer or two of books appear more welcoming and more fit to be educational.
     Books bring people together and help them feel comfortable telling their own stories. Books start lively conversations and new adventures. Books are a way to travel while staying in the coziness of your own armchair.
     The truth is, even if you still don't like reading (I didn't expect to change your mind in two minutes), books feel like home to a lot of people, including myself.
     Action point: Incorporate books into your home, however you can. Stack some on your coffee table, desk, or nightstand. Nestle one in the corner of a chair for someone to find and explore. Fill your walls and rooms and closets with Shakespeare, biographies, or science-fiction. Do whatever you can to make this knowledge and pleasure available in your now-cozy space.
     Are you a book-lover and just dying for more? Bam! Bookish Pinterest board:
This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.


  1. Yes yes YES! I love books and I love to read. And real books too! No Kindle or Nook! I do incorporate books into my decor because a house without books is a very sad/empty house!

    1. I agree that a house without books would be so sad! And hooray for real books!


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