Curtains have power. They can close off the light or let it in. They can make your ceiling look higher or lower. (Make sure you hang them high and wide like The Nester says to do.)

     I like how, in the picture above, the curtains aren't even on a window. They are curtaining off the sleeping area from the vanity in a bedroom.

     Curtains are a fabulous décor piece to be sure, but what makes them cozy? Well, they add some flowy fabric to your otherwise blank or stark walls. It softens the room and makes it feel homey.

     I'm not going to ask you to hang curtains for the action point. But I would like you to consider what this piece can do for your home.

     Action point: If you have curtains, make sure they're hung properly. If you've been considering buying curtains from Joss & Main, maybe hit "Submit my order" today. If you never thought you'd have curtains but some were gifted to you and have been sitting in a closet, figure out the best room to hang them in and then hang them. I believe in you!


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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