Open a Window

     Sunshine. I miss it already. Fall was here for .2 seconds, and then it started raining (and raining and raining and raining...and look!...wait...still raining.) What a great way to end a drought. *sarcastic eye roll*
     The rain is fine, but I really crave sunshine, and fresh (not humid) air. If your weather can still be described as "sunshine and fresh air," what are you doing? Open a window before it's all gone! You saw the title of this post. It's fairly straight-forward.
     Maybe the coming winter won't be the best time to do this, but it's fall. Open your windows for as long as you can, especially if you're cooped up indoors most of the day.
     I love open windows! They have an old-timey, let's-call-out-to-our-neighbors-to-stay-away-from-our-cranberry-bread feel to them. Cranberry Thanksgiving, anyone?

     They also have a it's-cleaning-day feel to them. Sunshine pours in. Cleaning products drift out. The sunshine sterilizes the scrubbed sinks and shines on the sparkling floors. It's like you're living in a little house on the prairie.

     Action point: I think you can figure this one out, oh smart one.


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.

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