Warm Paint Colors

     Here's where paint colors matter most: they establish the tone for the entire space.

     Warm colors like grays, peaceful (not icey!) blues, and greens usually create the coziest spaces. We could have all the other things we've talked about so far, but with highlighter yellow or neon pink walls, that room will say "fun" more than "cozy." With red or black walls, you're probably going for "dramatic" more than "cozy."

     But maybe you hate any shade of grey, green, and blue walls (it's hard to do, because there are so many shades!) Maybe you simply LOVE a different color.

     For example, I love my white walls. And that's ok. White walls may not be the coziest per-say, but they make me comfortable when I walk into my room.

     If cozy shouldn't be comfortable too, I don't know what should! That is to say, cozy and comfortable go hand-in-hand.

     Action point: Find paint colors that make your space coziest for you.

     What color(s) are your walls, and are they cozy to you?


This post is part of my 31 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space series.


  1. I have always steered away from white because I thought it was cold BUT when I designed myself a writing room I was desperate for something clean. I chose a white called 'Powdered Donut'. I LOVE it and want to use it over my whole house - it's positively delicious ;)

    1. Oh! That sounds delightful! Thanks for hanging out at The Little Decorator, Alanna.


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