For My Mama ~ On Your Birthday

Dear Mama,

     Every day you remind me that life is a journey and that there is room at the table. I smile because this is who you are: someone who encourages others in their own journey and who welcomes them to your table. And I am pretty sure there are brownies on the table. :)

     Thank you for being the mama I need, the friend I want, and the sister I never had. You fill up my "love tank" daily with hugs and kisses and words of affirmation. You keep me on track when my head's about to explode, and you bring me up when I am down.

     We love many of the same things: chai tea lattes, bloggers, books(!), podcasts, and shoulder rubs. (Oh yes! Thank you for all the shoulder rubs you give me while I'm slaving over my math!) The enjoyment I get from those things is two-fold when I get to share them with you.

     Over the last few years, you've developed your own interests too. I've never seen anyone so passionate about Jamie Ivey, Fixer Upper, or the latest simple living book. You've also stepped out of your comfort zone in moms' ministry, homeschooling high schoolers, and reading goals.

     When I think of you, I think of the best mom I could ever have, one who is more sure of herself than even she knows.

     It's 2/11/16, and you are beautiful and wise. Keep becoming the wonderful person God has created you to be, and I'll be right here...watching, learning, and loving.

Love and all my best wishes on your birthday,


  1. Ummmm your the best daughter anyone could have. This made my heart melt and it's 100% true. Love you and your momma. xoxo


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