Styling Tables for Everyday Use

This post is inspired by awesome subscriber Robyn Barnes!

     It's been two and a half years since I posted Styling Stunning Surfaces {Vignette Inspiration}, and it's time for another post on what to put on those tables! (And it's been too long since I've done a post on decorating--ha! silly little decorator me!)

     Without further ado,

     How to Style Tables

     First, I have to say that I love simple tables more than anything in the world. What sets the professionals from the newbies in the decorating world is this: professionals use one or two large focus pieces while newbies have tons of little "decorative" items cluttering up their surfaces

     You'll see this theme throughout my Pinterest board décor below.
     My favorite things to put on dinner tables:
  1. A vase of flowers
  2. Tea light candles (without scent)
  3. A bowl of fruit, pine cones, or decorative pieces
     Just remember that less is more.
     My favorite things to put on bedside tables:
  1. Books
  2. A bowl for keys, lip balm, bookmarks, etc.
  3. A lamp
     My favorite things to put on desks:
  1. A clock (preferably analog, so you can relearn how to tell time quickly)
  2. A small statue, often called a bust in the decorating world
  3. A mug or small vessel for cute, coordinating pens/pencils
     My favorite things to put on side tables:
  1. Chess/checkers sets for casual play
  2. Magazines for flipping
  3. A fun, random decorative object like an octopus
     My favorite things to put on coffee tables:
  1. A tray for arranging decorative items on
  2. Coffee table books
  3. Coasters, so there are no rings on your lovely coffee table
     Styling tips & tricks:
  • Group things in odd numbers.
  • Use varying heights
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting available on each surface. If not, add a lamp.
  • Try an amazing (scented) candle on the table that you use most often for sedentary occupations.
  • Don't be afraid to set decorative objects, candles, flowers, pens, etc on a stack of books. This will make the stack of books look more pulled together.
  • Don't go crazy with colors. Try to keep everything on the table to two or three coordinating colors.
  • Pay attention to textures, shapes, and sizes. This is where you get your variety.
  • Keep it simple!
     I hope you learned something from today's post! This little decorator never gets tired of rearranging. :)

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