What I Learned About Myself During My Junior Year

     Soon my junior year will be gone, over, done. The 11 will become a 12. The "ju" will become a "se." I will be in the oldest group of high schoolers.

     My junior year taught me so much about myself. I learned my personality type, how to say no, how to manage time and commitments, and that I can take on college-level courses.

     Here are some of the other facts I learned about myself, whether fun or deep or both:

 // Personalities, the future, books, and God are four somewhat abstract concepts, but they are my four favorite things to talk about.

 // I can let my true self shine through in as few words as possible. (See Ecclesiastes 6:11, one of my new favorite verses for its sassiness.)

 // I don't want to read a book that smart people would think is stupid.

 // It can be so hard to find a friend that is "an equal in age, intellect, and social standing with whom to share both entertainment and confidences." (Emma, Jane Austen).

 // I am a combination of Belle, Padme Amidala, Anne Shirley, Mary Poppins, and Susan Pevensie, according to various sources.

 // I have a strange obsession with eating things in their raw state: batter, dough, frozen things before they're thawed, etc. I guess I'm just not very patient.

 // I never really think about "hurt feelings." That just isn't in my vocabulary, even as an ENFJ. Hmm...weird.

 // I am choosing to simply be myself, regardless of what others think.

     My junior year has been neither good nor bad. It's been a beautiful mix, and I've learned a lot and become more myself as a person. I've been freed from bad habits and found a deeper side of my personality. I've made new friends and worked tirelessly on whatever I put my hand to.

     So long, junior year, and hello, senior year!!!!!



  1. Going into my junior year next year... it's a scary and crazy thought, but I love to see how you were able to learn so much amidst the stress and studying and life. :P

    I hope everything goes well for your senior year! Eek, that can be terrifying. o.o

    // katie grace
    a writer’s faith  

    1. Your junior year is super important! More than anything, I learned that keeping my relationship with God first is crucial.


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