Celebrating 50 Subscribers!

     What?!?! You guys are the best! 50 people read my emails in their inbox and get my not-published-online newsletter (which is headed your way tomorrow, subs!)

     This is a particularly important milestone because many months ago my brother said he would subscribe to my blog when I had 50 subscribers. Well, look at me now, bro!

     Today, he became the 51st subscriber!

     So, I just wrote this post as the icing on the cake (or the confetti in your hair--however you like to celebrate).

     Obviously, it's not about subscribers. It's about me honing the craft of writing. It's about me having a little fun with a project. It's about learning, and it's about passing on tidbits to the next generation.

     But subscribers sure make it a whole lot more fun! Y'all are my people, and I couldn't love you more!


(If you aren't subscribed, join the fun here! We'd love to have you!)

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