How to Read Tons of Books Economically

     Books are expensive!

     I'm going to tell you a secret right now, and you will remember it until your dying day:

"Never pay full price for a book more than once a year."

     Sound crazy?

     Well, think about how many other ways there are that you can get books:

{borrowing from}
the library

{buying cheap from}
Half Price Books
resale stores

{receiving for free from}
book launches*

     *This comes with the clause that you promote the book, but it's a good way to read new releases first.

     For a full discussion of all the places I get books from, see this post.

     Once in a blue moon, there may be a book that you need to buy right now and pay full price for. Maybe you really want to support an author, or you have to have the conclusion to your favorite series and read it before all your friends do (*cough* me with The Lunar Chronicles *cough*).

     These are cases you may ask yourself, "Do I want this so badly that I will wait on all other books I'm tempted to pay full price for through the rest of the year?"

     If the answer is yes, you buy that book! Other than that, use the myriads of other resources available to you. There are so many books freely available to you. :)

     Challenge for today: Find another way to read that book that you are tempted to pay full price for.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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